Introduction: Counting the Costs of the Children’s Drug War
by Damon Barrett

Part 1: Frontlines: Production and Trade

1. Real Life on the Frontlines of Colombia’s Drug War by Jess Hunter-Bowman
2. Children: The Forgotten Victims in Mexico’s Drug War by Aram Barra and Daniel Joloy
3. In the Shadows of the Insurgency in Afghanistan: Child Bartering, Opium Debt, and the War on Drugs by Atal Ahmadzai and Christopher Kuonqui
4. After the War on Drugs: How Legal Regulation of Production and Trade Would Better Protect Children by Steve Rolles

Part 2: Targets: Race, Class, and Law Enforcement

5. Getting the Message: Hip-Hop Reports on the Drug War by Deborah Peterson Small
6. Under Cover of Privilege: College Drug Dealing in the United States by A. Rafik Mohamed and Erik D. Fritsvold
7. Young Soldiers in Brazil’s Drug War by Michelle Gueraldi

Part 3: Home Front: Families and Drug Policy

8. Dancing with Despair: A Mother’s Perspective by Gretchen Burns Bergman
9. Mothers and Children of the Drug War: A View from a Women’s Prison in Quito, Ecuador by Jennifer Fleetwood and Andreina Torres
10. Between Diego and Mario: Children of the Drug War in Indonesia by Asmin Fransiska, Ricky Gunawan and Ajeng Larasati
11. “Ants Facing an Elephant”: Mothers’ Grief, Loss, and Work for Change Following the Placement of Children in the Care of Child Protection Authorities by Kathleen Kenny and Amy Druker

Part 4: Justification: Children, Drug Use, and Dependence

12. Youth Drug-Use Research and the Missing Pieces in the Puzzle: How Can Researchers Support the Next Generation of Harm-Reduction Approaches? by Catherine Cook and Adam Fletcher
13. Taking Drugs Together: Early Adult Transitions and the Limits of Harm Reduction in England and Wales by Michael Shiner
14. Drug Testing in Schools: A Case Study in Doing More Harm Than Good by Adam Fletcher
15. “I’ve Been Waiting for This My Whole Life”: Life Transitions and Heroin Use by Jovana Arsenijevic and Andjelka Nikolic
16. Why Should Children Suffer? Children’s Palliative Care and Pain Management by Joan Marston