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Win $120,000 in Flow Tokens – Play Bloxmith’s Raiders Rumble Now!

• Bloxmith has launched its web3 game, Raiders Rumble, on the Flow blockchain.
• The game is available for download on Google Play Store and the Apple Store.
• Players can win $120,000 in FLOW tokens by taking part in an organised gaming competition.

Bloxmith’s Raiders Rumble Goes Live on the Flow Blockchain

Bloxmith, a player-first Web3 gaming studio, recently announced that their new game, Raiders Rumble, has launched on the Flow blockchain. This 1v1 squad battler game for mobile is now available to download from both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

What Is Raiders Rumble?

Raiders Rumble challenges players to apply fast-paced strategic decision-making in countering the moves of their opponents. There are daily rotation of tournaments modes where top 50 percent of participants can win in-game items or RUMB tokens which is the native token of the game.

No Cryptocurrency Wallet Needed

To play this game no cryptocurrency wallet or nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are required as gamers can easily access it via familiar payment methods and social logins with frictionless onboarding provided by the Flow blockchain.

Inaugural Competition & Prizes

The inaugural competition offers players a chance to win up to $120,000 worth of FLOW tokens as prizes. This competition serves as a great opportunity for mainstream users and brands to transition from Web2 to Web3 gaming easily.


Raiders Rumble by Bloxmith is an innovative mobile strategy game that bridges the gap between traditional and web3 gamers with its unique features powered by the Flow blockchain technology. With this launch comes lots of potential opportunities for gamers looking to make some quick money through competitions and tournaments while having fun at same time!

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